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5 Convincing Reasons to Start Using Lympo App Right Now

Whether you’re already active in your daily life or you’re someone who would like to become more fit, lose some weight or simply cut back on the negative effects of a slow-paced lifestyle, Lympo app is a fun and effective tool to improve your fitness. Best of all, it’s free and we don’t sell your personal data to any shady companies. Here are 5 solid reasons to start using Lympo right now.

1) Boost your motivation

Lympo app offers real rewards for completing daily walking or running challenges. Pick a challenge, cover the required distance by walking or running and get rewarded. It’s as simple as that.

We issue LYM token rewards, which hold real value and can be used to purchase cool products on the in-app shop, such as the latest tech gadgets or quality fitness gear. This model already proved to be effective in helping people become more active in their daily lives, by strengthening their motivation and sense of accomplishment. Here are just some of the many glowing app reviews by our users:

“Great app for motivation. My sister and I are constantly challenging each other to beat the challenges.” – Samuel

“Having the app synced to my fitness tracker lets me apply my steps at work towards challenges. The app is also great at providing motivational reasons to be active in my free time.” – Mary

lympo app

2) Achieve your fitness goals faster

Using the app every day will help you build positive habits. The extra motivation means that you’ll bemore inclined to stay active, continue your journey and achieve your goals with greater ease. Lympo app uses elements of gamification to make the process of getting fit fun and engaging, and it works!

3) Get rewarded for both outdoor and indoor steps

Lympo is currently the only app on the market that rewards both outside and inside activities. Let’s say you’re someone who likes to run on a treadmill. No problem! Connect your fitness tracker with Lympo, use your steps to complete challenges and get rewarded. So whether you like to go for long walks in the city, to run in the park or train on the treadmill, even if you just walk a lot on your job, Lympo will work for you.

4) Learn more about fitness and get leisure ideas every day

Every challenge on Lympo is unique! This means that each challenge offers different things: the required distance, as well as the reward size, varies from challenge to challenge. And, as a bonus, inside each challenge, you’ll find fitness tips and leisure ideas, e.g., “2 injury prevention tips”, “ We challenge you to meet an old friend!” and similar. We hope this will further help you strengthen and upkeep your healthy habits!

5) Join a growing community of fitness lovers

Here at Lympo, one of our goals is to build a real community of people seeking to live healthier lives. That’s why inside each Lympo challenge you’ll see the number of people joined to the challenge, together with you. You can also share each completed challenge to your social media channels and we especially encourage you to join our brand new Facebook group. It’s way more fun together!

Still haven’t decided? Try it for yourself! It only takes less than 5 minutes to start. Get the app here.

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