Hey! sansolpark gave you an access to the special bonus challenge! Let's do it? WALK, RUN, EARN!

47,508,526.61 Lympo tokens
First and foremost I want to say that this is one of the coolest apps ever! Me and my wife use the app all the time to walk our dog or just in general when we are outside. The app rewards you with cool gift cards, NBA game tickets and sports equipment you can purchase. I would highly recommend this app to someone who search motivation to be more active!
Denis, 32 years old
From the brief period of time, since I started using the Lympo app, I notice I'm able to get the most out of it when I'm at work. Working in residential homes, I'm constantly on my feet all day taking care of clients and running errands. By doing the Lympo challenges, I've found that it allows me to stay motivated, keeps me energized throughout the day and to incorporate a more active lifestyle. An added bonus to staying healthy is the enjoyment that my fiance and I can share by using the Lympo app together. It's especially more fun when we try and see who can complete the most challenges, thus earning more Lym in the process!
Charisse, 31 years old
My father had never been active in his entire life, only sitting the whole day in front of the laptop screen, then going to bed, and so on... Rarely went out. Everybody tried different methods during all those years (past 15 years) to take him out. Unsuccessfully. Until Lympo, two weeks ago he got a new phone, downloaded Lympo and now 5 miles per day average. For 61 years old man not so bad. Crazy what Lympo can do, all our family and friends are shocked.
Tyler, 32 years old
Lympo, the greatest app ever! At first, I thought it’d be super hard to get any of the rewards from their store, but, in reality, I have been able to buy many of those! The best part is that I have lost 15 lbs so far! I became healthier, happier and more confident. It has changed the way I work out and my lifestyle. I’m super in love with the app, and I highly recommend it.
Beatriz, 22 years old.
I used to work for a company that rewarded us through vitality, but since leaving, I've been searching for something that would make me get up and exercise. You guys have done that for me. I'm up to almost 10k steps a day. Thank you for making me get up and walk again. This app is great because I am so incentive-driven to get as many challenges done a day. And now you have let us use all steps, indoors and outdoors to meet our challenges. I was fine having to get outdoors, but this helps, especially when it's cold. Sure, it'll take me some time get my reward, but its soooooo worth it.
Quynh, 25 years old
4.4 out of 5
4.5 out of 5