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Samsung Health x Lympo — Is it possible to earn and have fun while you develop healthy habits?

Down the road, our friendship became more prominent, and from October 15th to November 19th, we have begun Samsung Health x Lympo healthy habit month. It was an exciting month for the Lympo team as well as our community. This month was all about to incentivize the Healthy habits of Samsung Health and Samsung wearables […]

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Lympo teams-up with South Korean biopharmaceutical giant GC Pharma to fight obesity

Blockchain startup Lympo and the South Korean biopharmaceutical giant GC Pharma (formerly known as Green Cross Corporation) join forces to create a mobile personalized care product motivating healthier diet and active lifestyle in the fight against obesity. Lympo’s counterpart for this cooperation is GC Healthcare, GC Pharma’s healthcare subsidiary. According to the latest studies, the […]

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Lympo to dedicate part of the profit to purchase tokens from the market

We started Lympo two years ago with the vision of a healthier and happier world with token-based incentives for healthy choices. At the heart of our innovation is Lympo health data and incentivization platform which serves as a tool to gather and analyze data of millions of healthy actions. We have gone a long way […]

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There is no secret that lack of sleep has serious consequences in everyone’s lives. If a company seeks a competitive edge and wants to work with happy and healthy employees then the company shouldn’t forget to count the sleep as a very important factor for the company’s productivity and overall atmosphere. Based on the National […]

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Habits are what form your life

“Habits are the invisible architecture of daily life. We repeat about 40 percent of our behavior almost daily, so our existence and our future.” – Gretchen Rubin A habit is a routine of behavior that has been repeated enough times to occur subconsciously. In other words – our brain processes habits on autopilot. During the […]

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How to maximize your stress resilience – 11 key tactics

Stress is unavoidable these days, but suffering from it is a decision. By approaching stress in the right way, stress could become a positive factor in your life. Let’s start with the definition of stress to better understand its impacts on your wellbeing. Stress is the body’s natural reaction to any change that requires an […]

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How to build a mindset for endurance

1. Analyze your thought patterns Mind and body connection is so strong, that it inevitably affects our performance. Instead of complaining about obstacles, direct your focus toward success. If you want to be a mentally tough athlete, pay attention to things that are in your control: your thought patterns, daily workouts, focus on constant improvement, […]

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