Can you Lose Weight by Walking? 3 facts that will surprise you.

Recently, you decided to make a change in your life.

You want to lose that extra weight.

Scrolling dozens of health blogs seems to be a good idea and you end up with the perfect diet plan.


Now, you realize that this plan will not work without doing exercises.

Swimming, cycling, fitness.

All those activities are good to lose weight but they have a high entry level. You need a pool, a bike, and a five-figure salary, respectively.

Running for weight loss sounds like the most accessible choice for you, right?

But there is a problem.

You don’t like running.

You don’t like this 5K, 10K, or the 42K marathon.

Maybe you have health issues or you simply don’t have the time for that.

Don’t give up! There is an opportunity to grab.

Walking also helps you to lose weight.

Our sedentary and modern lifestyle often means that we spend all day sitting, especially if you work in an office.

Add the stressing work environment and you’re more likely to give up your diet.

Walking is often seen as a simple activity without giving much thought of its significance for weight loss.

I’ll tell you what. Walking is amazing

You don’t need gears.

You don’t need preparation.

You can do it wherever and whenever you want.

From home to work. On the way to grab lunch. During a short break to breath fresh air. While walking the dog.

That’s the power of walking. Accessibility and recurrence.

And you know what?

Walking 10000 steps a day to lose weight is not the only truth.

It’s a great goal.

But it might discourage you from starting.

You can lose weight by simply walking an extra 200 to 300 steps every day. And gradually, you will continue to increase your steps.

Here is another good tip.

Steps are not the only metric to take into account. Increasing your pace or taking routes with hills and slight inclines will also make you lose more calories.

Take these first thoughts as an appetizer.

These impressive health perks from walking will surprise you even more:

1. It prevents weight-promoting genes.

It’s a fact. Overweight can be influenced by genetic determinants. If you identify yourself as having it, I have good news for you.

An experiment with 12.000 people was run by Harvard researchers.

Some of them had to walk briskly for about 1 hour a day.

And guess what?

They found out that the effects of these genes were cut in half.

2. It reduces your sugar cravings.

It happens to everyone.

During an idle day or after a period of stress, we feel a strong urge to eat something sweet.

It’s totally fine! Until it becomes a daily habit.

Researchers from the University of Exeter proved that a 15-minute walk reduces cravings for a variety of sugary snacks.

Next time you experience a stress peak, rush out for a walk.

3. It improves your mood


A good mood will boost your motivation to keep going on your diet.

Psychologists at Iowa State University released a brand-new study.

Walking for just 12 minutes turns out to be a powerful mood lifter.

Better results were shown in a natural environment but even walking inside resulted in a more positive mindset.


We are trapped in our sitting-all-day lifestyle. Taking time for physical activities isn’t easy.

The amazing power of walking will make you lose calories but also help you to keep your diet plan on track.

Walking is accessible.

You can start to adopt it now, step by step in your daily routine.

Do you feel like you don’t have enough self-discipline?

Technology is there serve you, sir.

Turn on the pace tracker of your smartphone and follow the guide to adopt healthy habits.

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