It’s time to change the way we do marketing.

Advertising on Lympo is an opportunity to reach a large audience of tech-savvy health and fitness enthusiasts in a precise location using a uniquely creative and engaging way. Create custom fitness challenges on Lympo app and present your message in a bold way for your chosen audience. Reward Lympo users for being active, expose your brand most memorably and grow your sales! Currently available for the U.S. based businesses.


Lympo platform allows you to create complex and effective ads which drives much more engagement and are more memorable comparing to standard ad channels. At Lympo, users are in touch with your brand through the whole challenge pipeline - from joining it to sharing their reward on social media.

Why this is so magical?

Our team will design a set of challenges to promote your product. The best location, timing, design, and content will be picked to create the most efficient way to spread your offer for the users of the Lympo app. It is the best way to promote your sales or raise brand awareness among the tech-savvy and active community in a targeted location. Our research shows that 8 of 10 users still remembers the offer 10 days after they completed only 2 branded challenges.

Are challenges not enough?

We offer you a full-time visibility in our in-app marketplace. Make your item featured on the Lympo marketplace and buy exposure with the cost of your product's wholesale price. Offers are usually limited, but results are not!

Get your special offer now!

Our team will provide you with a perfect plan for your business needs!

Dario Adomaitis

Business development manager

David Bernotas

Project manager