There is no secret that lack of sleep has serious consequences in everyone’s lives. If a company seeks a competitive edge and wants to work with happy and healthy employees then the company shouldn’t forget to count the sleep as a very important factor for the company’s productivity and overall atmosphere.

Based on the National Sleep Foundation’s recommendations about sleep time duration young adults and adults should sleep 7-9 hours and older adults should sleep 7-8 hours at night. But the Gallup polls research shows that in the USA the average sleep hours dropped down to 6.8 hours of sleep at night compared with 1942  when the average was almost 8 hours. And the same research shows that 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder. 

Effects of Sleep Deprivation

There are lots of kinds of health problems caused by lack of sleep, from obesity to a weakened the immune system, from high blood pressure to risk of heart disease, from mood changes to depression. But in regards to your company how an employee’s insufficient sleep affects its productivity? 

Effects of Sleep Deprivation for Your Company

– Difficult to concentrate or learn new things – Time-consuming for basic tasks;
– Coordination is decreased as well as alertness – Risk for accidents;
– Impatience or mood swings – May cause a negative work environment;
– More difficult to make a decision – More errors in your company;
– Decreased creativity – More stress, harder to solve a problem.

From all these facts it could be assumed how significantly employee’s abilities are hindered because of a lack of sleep and how it affects your company seeking a competitive edge. Insufficient sleep may negatively affect work performance, productivity, and quality and may affect working relationships.

How to Increase Your Company’s Productivity?

A good employer should prefer health and then the productivity of the company. So if an employer wants to work with healthier and happier employees and at the same time to increase their efficiency for work, then the company should stimulate employees for sufficient sleep. Here are some tips about how to improve sleep quality.

– Have a sleep schedule of the same bedtime and wake-up time, even on the weekends.
– Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual. One of an easy technique which helps to beat the stress is to make a to-dos list.
– Avoid naps, especially in the afternoon. Power napping may help you to do your tasks, but if you can’t sleep at bedtime, eliminate short naps.
Exercise daily. Even 10 minutes of aerobic exercises, such as walking or cycling, can dramatically improve employee’s sleeping quality.
– Prepare the room. There shouldn’t be any noise, lights or other distractions that may cause bad sleep. The temperature should be cool in the bedroom.
– Do not use electronic devices the last hour before sleep. It is better to do a calming activity such as reading or listening to meditation music.
– Do not eat heavy meals and avoid alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine before bedtime.

A company could print these tips and stick on the wall at the office or in the break room, or anywhere in the workplace.

If a company seeks professional advice and help it should try a free Lympo program for business. It is a science-based positive habit formation program that makes hundreds of thousands of employees healthier in a fun and engaging way.

Physical activity improves sleep quality and increases sleep duration. Lympo can help to stimulate your employees for better well-being as Lympo is not only the Guide for healthier lives. The best part is that each employee will be rewarded by completing challenges. 

How Company Wins by Using Lympo:

– employers are physical active;
– they have a better sleep;
– work efficiently;
– productivity increases;
– company has a competitive edge


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