by Ada Jonuse, CEO & Co-founder at Lympo

How walking improves your sleep quality: healthier and happier employees with Lympo

More and more evidence shows the benefits of walking. Recent studies published by Sleep Health connected physical activity with sleep. While more walking didn’t increase sleep duration, people who walked over 7,000 steps after starting the course recorded better sleep quality results. Lympo users confirm this trend: people who walk more, consistently report that they feel rested and slept better than those who made less steps that day.

Other benefits of walking:

  • Booster for the immune system. On average, people who walk 30 to 45 minutes a day have 45% less sick days.
  • Lower risk of heart diseases. Walking 30 minutes, five times a day, decreases a chance of heart disease by 20%.
  • The burn of unwanted calories. Walking burns calories increases muscle strength and endurance.

However, not everyone of us is motivated to walk or commit to any psychical activities. We need the motivation to push us to do it daily. Well, that’s where Lympo comes to help. 

How can Lympo lead my organization to live a healthier lifestyle?

Small actions performed every day have the power to build into long-lasting healthy habits. A long journey starts with one step. By offering a new generation tech solution, Lympo allows companies to increase the productivity of their employees in the workplace, as well as instill the culture of wellbeing.

How does it work?

  • Employees enroll in the corporate wellness program
  • Everyone completes easy, fun, and rewarding daily sports and healthy lifestyle tasks for rewards
  • Earned rewards can be spent in the app shop to purchase gift cards, electronics, clothing, or other goods.
  • Company receives a full data report on the wellbeing of its workforce together with recommendations and red flags that can make a huge impact on the overall productivity and job satisfaction.

Your company thus builds trust, creates a healthy culture, keeps employees more active and happier.

Want to learn more about the Lympo corporate wellness solution?

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