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Lympo and Dallas Mavericks launch the first blockchain fitness app in the U.S.

Tony G, co-founder of Lympo, together with Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, have announced the official launch of Lympo, the nation’s first blockchain fitness app, and the first of its kind that rewards users with crypto tokens that can be exchanged for premium products within its own in-app Lympo Shop. The free application pioneers a revolutionary new concept in wellness and personal technology.

tony g and mark cuban lympo

Speaking today from the Lympo Practice Facility for the Dallas Mavericks, the heads of both partnering organizations introduced the newly launched app, as the first of its kind to use blockchain technology combined with fitness gamification to reward users for walking and running towards a healthier way of life. Those in the U.S. who are ready to Walk. Run. Earn with Lympo, are invited to download the free app at

The news comes after a successful launch in Lithuania, where thousands of people are already using Lympo to earn crypto, while participating in new challenges every day. In September, Lympo made headlines with turning the annual Vilnius marathon into the first crypto marathon in the world, where runners were rewarded with crypto tokens for successfully completing races.

How does the app work?

With the help of blockchain technology and fitness gamification, users are rewarded with LYM crypto tokens through the Lympo app, for completing simple walking and running challenges. These tokens have real monetary value and can be used to purchase sports and fitness products by today’s leading brands in Lympo Shop — the first online store to accept fitness token payments.

“Lympo is a seamless tool for motivating people to become healthy and adopt an active lifestyle,” says Tony G, co-founder for Lympo. “By improving the well-being of people around the world and providing tangible incentives through our unique technology, we aim to unite fitness and wellness communities everywhere. Lympo will utilize the data we track on our phones and wearables to reward users for the lifestyle goals they achieve. We are very excited to debut Lympo in partnership with the Dallas Mavericks, a true custodian in the health and fitness arena.”

tony g and mark cuban lympo

On its app, Lympo offers challenges both by the company and its partners — coaches, wellness brands, various health, sports and fitness industry organizations or influencers. Users can join these challenges, track their walking or running activities and get rewarded with LYM tokens upon completion. A challenge is completed when the required distance is covered.

Users can also see the amount of LYM they have in their in-app wallet, including all transactions and the monetary LYM equivalent in dollars or euros. After saving a certain amount of LYM, the user is able to purchase exclusive sporting goods and tech gadgets in the in-app store, providing an incentive to complete additional challenges.

mark cuban lympo

“Lympo is all about making positive changes by taking small steps towards a more active lifestyle,” says Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. “Lympo doesn’t require you to drastically change your daily habits, but it’s a great incentive to gain real rewards, like Mavs tickets and gear. Lympo offers a great opportunity for partnering businesses by increasing brand awareness through sponsored challenges, while opening a direct channel of communication with niche sports, health and fitness enthusiasts.”

The Dallas Mavericks are Lympo’s founding U.S. partner and will engage fans through unique challenges and rewards in the app.

Business benefits and partnerships

While the compelling benefits of Lympo’s reward-based platform are self-evident for the user, the application also presents a unique appeal for small, medium and large corporations that are looking to improve customer loyalty. Lympo brand partners are able to attract new and existing customers through the ownership of specific challenges; tailor rewards to encourage specific behavior; access tech-savvy health and fitness enthusiasts within Lympo’s user base, or interact directly with Lympo’s clientele by hosting a series of community-based events, using Lympo as a launchpad.

Lympo has been actively forming partnerships with elite athletes, including current World Champion discus thrower, Andrius Gudžius, as well as with the top-ranked female tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki, both of whom are Lympo brand ambassadors.

Download the app for free now.

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