lympo app data review

Lympo app in numbers and an update from CEO Ada Jonuse!

Dear Lympo community, as you already know, recently Lympo has successfully performed the upgrade/swap of the old LYM token to a newer, more reliable and robust version. You can read more about the process and our reasons for it here.

Also, as we have promised our community to reveal some Lympo app usage data, it is now time to deliver on that promise. There are a few things to note:

  1. The number of Lympo app users is growing faster than ever;
  2. We are focusing a lot of our efforts on achieving even faster growth;
  3. Attracting new partners to Lympo platform is also a top priority.

Before continuing to usage statistics, there is something else. We are happy to announce that Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse is slowly transitioning back to her CEO role after having a baby in December 2018. Take a look at this short update from her, in-person:

Now to continue, we once again present you an infographic, this time with some interesting Lympo app usage stats and numbers. As you can see, our userbase is currently growing faster than ever before. It was quite a journey for all of the Lympo team members to achieve this growth, but we believe that the best of times are still ahead!

lympo app data review

We would also like to present the latest Lympo app USA activity heatmap. Light green reflects lower activity and dark green – more activity.

lympo app heatmap

Stay tuned for updates and announcements because an exciting year is ahead of us!

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