🍾🚀❤️ We did it! Lympo app reached 100K users!

The Team is so happy to announce that Lympo user base reached 100k by Monday, 15th of April!

lympo team

After putting a lot of effort into our product and experiencing strong growth, we finally did it! You’re also part of the success so we’d like to THANK YOU ALL for this great achievement. The 100k threshold means a lot to us. It’s a strong amount of users who love Lympo app and it will allow us to exponentially reach the next big step – 1M users. We’re very excited to keep Lympo on growing and it’s on the good track:

1. New Lympo app features are introduced frequently.
2. The referral program is expanding at its best.
3. Partners opportunities are growing every day.

Growth is awesome but at a controlled pace. We reached our goal right on time following our announced roadmap for 2019. The Lympo team keeps its feet on the ground and they’re 100% determined to achieve the next milestones.

Our CEO Ada Jonuse is back on track from her maternity leave and she is so excited we reached this milestone: “Lympo is rocking, can’t wait to reach more goals this year!”

Take a look at the key numbers:

data update

Stay tuned for updates and announcements because an exciting year is ahead of us!

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