While the crypto market is running its roller coaster we as a company step by step reaching our milestones towards main goals — build a great mHealth app with great profit-sharing token economy and reach mass adoption.

With experience and continues development in the Korean market, we found that the Asia market loves us and businesses are extremely interested in tokenized solutions like Lympo. Also, we don’t see a lot of projects that are actually delivering so it seems like the right time to attack the opportunity to expand.

Invitation to speak at Empowering Blockchain Summit in Jakarta was followed by a lot of preplanned meetings by our incredible supporter Nelly Sutjiadi, so I just bought tickets and jumped on the plane and started this amazing journey together with Nelly and friends and partners from Harmony.one and LoginID.

Lympo CPO Marius Jakarta trip overview

Empowering Blockchain Summit 2019

We were invited to speak about Lympo and the future and impact of mobile health information of the future economy. You can find the full video of my speech here:

During the event, I had to chance to meet and talk with a lot of people including Gin Chao CSO of one of the biggest crypto exchanges Binance, Eddy Travia CEO of Coinsilium, Yael Tamar CMO & Partner of SolidBlock, Kay Tick, Director of Business Development of Samsung SDS Asia Pacific and a lot of other smart and incredible people. Meeting incredible people around the world is one of the biggest benefits of being the Co-Founder and speaker. Building the network is one of the most important things every founder should be focused on.

Meetings with friends and partners

The next few days after the conference we were meeting a lot of friends and potential partners and sharing ideas about how we can take over the world. To build a decentralized future where people are the real owners of data we need super strong support from progressive and large businesses.

Meeting Aksaramaya

We managed to meet Aksaramaya — a company which provides various IT services (like iLibrary) for the Indonesian government. During the meeting, we presented the Lympo incentivization model and corporate wellness program and talked about how potential Franchize / Joint-venture model can work for B2B Indonesian market expansion. Also, Aksaramayaalso was interested in Blockchain applicability for different unusual solutions and how together with our partner’s Harmony they can deliver a fair transparent and scalable platform for the Government solutions in Indonesia.

Meeting with BliBli.com

And one of the highlights of the trip was meeting with BliBli.com. Details about what was discussed in the private room will hopefully be share in the near future 🙂

After 20 hours of the flight home, I went straight to the office and besides the lack of sleep continued to work to deliver all the things on the pipeline!

Thank you, Nelly and Jack Vinijtrongjit you are incredible helpers and great friends! I can’t imagine Lympo without you anymore!

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