Lympo CPO Marius business trip

Lympo CPO Marius Silenksis intercontinental trip: strengthening businesses relations

As you may probably know from our social media posts, Lympo’s Chief Product Officer Marius Silenskis was visiting the US and China in the last few weeks. Marius had more than 30 meetings during this time, with current and future partners in the US and he also attended the Fibo China conference in Shanghai.

Lympo CPO Marius in Dallas, Texas

The main goal for this trip was to meet with Lympo’s current and potential business partners. In Dallas and New York, Marius has met with the executives of the biggest American gym chains, sports goods shops and other companies which target a fitness oriented and tech-savvy audience.

Meetings with gym chains

These partnerships are very important for the development of our platform since more businesses mean more challenges, larger LYM rewards, as well as a better product variety and promotions in the marketplace.

Meetings with gym chains

Part of the trip to Dallas was dedicated to meeting the Dallas Mavericks executives. Marius met with Mavs’ CTO David Herr to finalize the implementation of LYM in their payment system. This implementation requires a large degree of collaboration, so Lympo is working very closely with the Mavericks on this.

Lympo CPO Marius with Mavs CTO David Herr

Another great event that will take place after our beta launch on September 9 in Vilnius, Lithuania, is the Mavs Run This Town 5k run. It will be held in Dallas and 2,000 participants will compete in a run for Mavs and Lympo prizes. Every registered participant will also be rewarded with LYM. You can already register for this event on the Dallas Mavericks page.

Lympo CPO Marius with Mavs

Furthermore, the Dallas Mavericks invited Lympo to a VIP event in the upcoming NBA China Games 2018. The Mavericks and Philadelphia 76ers will play together in China for the first time, on Friday, October 5 in Shanghai, at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, followed by a rematch on Monday, October 8 in Shenzhen, at the Shenzhen Universiade Center.

Lympo CPO Marius at Mavs

After his visit to the US, Marius flew halfway around the world to China, where he participated in the Fibo China 2018 conference. According to Marius, it was very pleasing to see long lines of people waiting near booths, where companies give out prizes and rewards for different sports activities. This definitely proves a use for Lympo.

Lympo CPO Marius in China

After participating in a bunch of pre-planned business meetings, Marius decided to have some fun in Fibo and he has even won the arm wrestling competition there! After the main program was finished, in the evening a private meeting was held with investors and Lympo community members. Marius presented Lympo to the group of investors and made lots of new connections.

Overall, during this trip, Marius had 38 business meetings, deepened partnerships with our current partners and established new ones.

Meetings in China

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