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Where is blockchain as a technology and ideology right now? What is the future of dApps? Short overview after the Berlin Blockchain Week

My takeaway from the Berlin Blockchain Week

by Marius Silenskis, Co-founder and CPO at Lympo.

Last week I was visiting the outstanding city of Berlin and attending a bunch of different blockchain events. It was an incredible experience because:

  • Met a lot of super-smart people
  • Talked a lot about technologies, user experience and future of decentralization
  • Collected and generated a lot of good ideas for Lympo
  • Walked over 100km in 7 days
  • Completed two audiobooks
  • Trained once in the local gym
  • Forgot my diet for a week & ate a lot of tasty food.

After I got back home, I needed at least a few days to synchronize all the information and ideas. Here is the summary:

  1. The scalability problem is solved. So what’s next? 99% of the companies are still stuck in the “Crypto wallets” level.
  2. Protocols development teams finally realized that they have to develop platform FOR APPLICATIONS, not applications FOR PLATFORM. I guess, let’s wait
  3. Cryptography eats so much energy that energy consumption will be one of the most significant obstacles after reaching decent adoption.
  4. 95% ICO’s who delivered at least part of their promises have no idea what to do next (no sustainable business or token economy model)
  5. Education is one of the critical elements for future adoption. The blockchain community is still super small, and people are still not realizing how much corporations are exploiting their data and not sharing with society.
  6. UX of dApps is a vital element for dApps success. People don’t want dApp. They just want their app to work. And they don’t want crypto. They want an easy and secure payment method.
  7. The rat race of protocols is happening. Who is going to win? The team, which will have the most developers on it and will be the most comfortable for people who create apps and platforms. Currently, Ethereum is winning just because of that, but that will not last for long.
  8. Data privacy is still a big concern in the blockchain. We still don’t hide a lot of metadata in DLT, and our network providers still can read it before it is stored. I am glad that geniuses are already working to solve that.
  9. I got confirmation (Thank god) that not only I believe that data (especially health and fitness data) is an asset that will play a big game in the formation of the future economy and UBI model implementation.
  10. If blockchain companies want to leave the footprint, they need to focus on the very narrow use case (good all fashion start-up way), adopt lean methodology or similar and ATLEAST DELIVER SOMETHING USEFUL before they start bragging about changing the world.

This is an overview of my ideas about blockchain in 2019. What are yours?

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