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Hey dear Lympo followers,

As you already have known, June of 2019, we have integrated with Samsung Health to offer you an easier and simpler way to track your daily steps and use them within the app to complete challenges.

Samsung Health x Lympo — Is it possible to earn and have fun while you develop healthy habits?

Down the road, our friendship became more prominent, and from October 15th to November 19th, we have begun Samsung Health x Lympo healthy habit month. It was an exciting month for the Lympo team as well as our community.

This month was all about to incentivize the Healthy habits of Samsung Health and Samsung wearables users by introducing Lympo “Daily Health Tasks”.

By using “Daily Tasks” and regular challenges users were able to aggregate their data for rewards (LYM coins), such as walking or running, measure sleep and water intake, use Samsung wearables for crunches, squats, lunges, jumping jacks, swimming and more. Later exchange rewards to Samsung wearables, gift coupons, and other cool stuff right in the app!
In addition, Samsung Health took its initiative to promote Lympo app to Samsung Health users to start earning rewards for fitness activity.

Samsung Health x Lympo

This initiative brought us a lot of positive surprises, and we didn’t expect that Samsung Health x Lympo daily tasks would get so much attention. Most importantly, we have successfully reached Samsung Health incentivization using Lympo app reward system, which shows that Lympo model works well, and users are motivated to aggregate the data for rewards in a gamified environment.

We have also organized a survey (questionnaire) more than a thousand Lympo app users (1,021 responses) took it, and results talk for themselves.

Do you agree that Lympo rewards are a good way to boost your motivation to do more sporting activities?

Samsung Health x Lympo healthy habit month feedback

How likely are you to engage with the branded advertisement for extra rewards?

Campaign feedback

Do you agree that the following features motivated you to use smart-wearable in the Lympo campaign?

Campaign feedback

Would you like to participate in a similar joined campaign for extra ways of earning rewards?

Campaign feedback

We have also received tons of messages from our users to bring Daily Tasks back.

Campaign feedback

Did you enjoy Samsung Health x Lympo healthy habit month? Have you used your Samsung wearables to track your activity? Lympo is not stopping here, are you ready for some action?

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