lymus utility shares airdrop

Update regarding upcoming utility share distribution for LYM token holders

Hello, dear Lympo community! The Holidays are approaching fast and we wish you all a Happy Holiday Season. As for us, it’s already time to unwrap our gifts for you, our biggest supporters.

During the summer, we announced a benefit program for all LYM holders who have upwards of 10,000 LYM with a plan to distribute utility shares based on stakes and a bonus LYM giveaway.

The benefits are divided into three tiers, in relation to the size of LYM ownership:

  1. Bronze (10k-100k LYM),
  2. Silver (100–500k LYM),
  3. Gold (500k-1 million LYM).

Once again, here are the benefits:

The first benefits will go live starting next year. More information will follow, stay updated!

Utility share token distribution

As promised, tomorrow, on December 20, we will distribute the first utility shares in the form of a newly issued LYMUS (LYM Utility Share) token. We have released 100,000,000 of these tokens and tomorrow will mark the first round of distribution during which, the first 20% (or 20 million tokens) will be distributed.

These special non-tradable tokens will be transferred to your KYC confirmed wallet, so you don’t need to do anything else to receive them.

5 million LYM giveaway pool

In addition, we will distribute 5 million LYM tokens to the same wallets, to all eligible participants, also based on stakes. These tokens can be freely traded and transferred out of the wallet. This is the first round of this special giveaway and future utility shares will also have bonus LYM giveaways. The size of future giveaways will be decided based on the price of LYM.

Important to remember

To stay eligible to receive your benefits and participate in future LYM giveaways, you must keep your LYM in the registered wallet at all times. However, you can add more LYM at any time to get upgraded to a higher tier and enjoy more benefits. We will check wallet balances at the end of each month and upgrade eligible holders.

Some numbers

There are, in total, 697 supporters eligible to receive the tokenized utility shares and other benefits. Out of these:

  • 19 hold more than 1 million LYM
  • 512 belong to the Bronze tier
  • 136 belong to the Silver tier
  • 49 belong to the Gold tier

Congratulations to all participants! Your support means a lot to us. Lympo app is currently exploding in popularity with increasingly more downloads every day. We couldn’t have done this without you and so once again, Happy Holidays!

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