Health is your biggest reward

Lympo is an app that motivates people to exercise and be healthy. Lympo will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle by rewarding you for being active.

It's easier to stay active with Lympo

Participate and track your personal or group fitness challenges, find and contact personal trainers, spend your reward LYM crypto tokens in the healthy lifestyle marketplace, challenge your friends. Lympo is all about connecting people passionate about sports and healthy lifestyle.

Your effort deserves a reward

Staying active and motivated isn't always easy. Lympo app will solve this by incentivizing users to complete various healthy lifestyle-related tasks, like going to the gym regularly, jogging or having a healthy daily routine.

Never be alone!

With Lympo, you'll never be alone! Challenge your friends, track each other's progress and be healthy together! Get advice from the best personal trainers and get inspired by fellow Lympo users!

Lympo app will be released in Autumn, 2018. Subscribe to our newsletter and be among the first to witness the future of health and wellness.

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